MS R Gent, David Beckham, stylin' on a casual stroll in L.A.
I believe the sleek black frames (look YSL from far) anchors his casual attire!

Style genius, Tom Ford, featured on the current issue of Fantastic Man: The Gentleman's Style Journal.
I like this closeup angle shot of Mr. Ford.

T. Beckford showing his spring-ready ensemble.
I appreciate the risky approach taken with the floral and pinstripe mixing! Let's not miss the red coiffed pocket square in the breast pocket.

Pt. II: Kudos to the wardrobe person on this show! The perfectly tie knot (bold, huh!) and contrasting pocket square (solid black) is stylishly gangsta!

The complimenting couple I call them. Both style-savvy in their own respects. This retro shot was taken in front of La Esquina (underground scenic restaurant) in NYC.

A picture taken from the streets of Japan. The trench coat and jet-black aviators in this capture are critical!

Ben Affleck en route to his fundraiser soirée for Barack Obama.
I like the look! It might seem too casual for the untrained eye, but notice the tailored jacket and untucked oxford donned to make it a bit dressy.

I like these two as a couple! Young Hollywood!
Their combined styling is no joke! My only flaw is the Gent's distressed Gray shoes. I understand your intention, but wearing black shoes would've been more fitting for your knotch lapel suit. It seems way too uniformed with Gray shoes


Anonymous said...

I don't like the fact that they are both wearing the same color grey. They can take a few lessons from Will and Jada.

MS Reviewer said...

They're new to the scene anony. Give them some more time! lol.

RJ said...

Actually... those shoes are fly.