Sunday--Refreshing and Relaxing. There's this unexplainable chill out factor the day possess.

Today's "In the Spirit" fueled this entry, and I wanted to highlight some chill music that automatically reverts the senses back to relaxing.

Like everyone else, Mr. MSR is still cooing after the MacBook Air advert. And the song featured in the campaign--New Soul by Yael Naim--is a favorite track to chillax to.

My brethren Kwasi recently introduced me to the Zoot Woman band and I'm hooked on their single It's Automatic (released 2001). The single reiterates 'Automatic' beyond belief, but the track's fresh and pulsating instrumentals makes hearing the repetitiveness bearable. Zoot Woman is one of the early members of the electroclash (new wave meets electro dance) scene.


michboo said...

i totally digging the music man, i love it when the your soundsystem is be diversified.

MS Reviewer said...

I am glad you appreciate diversification of good music!