Andy Warhol once said, “my favorite smell is the first smell of spring in New York,” and I am in total agreement. With a care for the season, I wanted to show you the season’s top footwear delights. Your footwear for Spring are very importante, Señor. It anchors all your spring ensembles. To add also, great footwear always blends well with Spring colors and exotica prints (kaleidoscope, vibrant pastels (so 80’s!) trucking motifs (mostly found on shirts)).

My top Spring faves:


Check out these wicked Red calfskin casual sneaks. They include red/white fabric with signature logo on heel and elastic laces.

Wardrobe Tip: Denim Shorts (Dark Blue or White) with a classic white V-neck (American Apparel or Hanes) matches the outspoken designs of these sneakers. Plus, simplicity on the top compliments the popping checkered design below.


Sleek oxfords inspired by classic basketball and tennis shoes, features a smooth, vulcanized silhouette with subtle perforation detail. The streak of aqua blue (Spring hue) is my favorite detail, then the perforated dotting technique (symbolizes adidas signature three stripes) on the side.

Wardrobe Tip: Wear these pointers with Red Shorts (trust Mr. MSR) or pants. The contrasting effect will definitely liven up these soles. A classic Polo (in black or white) would perfect this getup. If you prefer more cool-and-fly, grab a V-neck for substitution.

Dolce & Gabbana

A sporty classic lace-up adorned with silvertone logo plate on the side. These lo-top refreshers execute the classic sneaker silhouette real well.

Wardrobe Tip: Due to the plainness designs (with exception of logo plate) of the sneakers, I say do black-on-black to enable some sneaker distinction. I know you’re wondering, BLACK for Spring?! Yes, Black works for Spring. Just choose spring-appropriate fabrics: Linen and Pima Cotton for example.


Get your grown and sexy going Gents. Bring the beach to the city, or your area. Don’t only bank on this style for jet-setting or island vacays. Show off your feet (just make sure they’re taking care of. Lol. girls always attack us for jacked up toes) in these calfskin crisscross gems. Although their leather lined, the open air ventilation enables your feet to breathe fresh.

Wardrobe Tip: The best thing about these slides is its universal wardrobe appeal. From a suit (so Italy) to casual jeans, these sandals can flow with any getup.

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