Real Name: Nana Boateng

Age: Twenty something (lol)

Occupation: Fashion Designer

With such a praised and fashion-famous last name it’s only right we showcase this young design debonair that’s making elder designers question their bespoke talents. Nana Boateng (cousin of Ozwald Boateng), the Ghanaian, New York-bred designer is creating a strong buzz amongst young Hollywood gents, and fashion mavericks alike.

About three (or four, looking back) summers ago, I went to my borough’s (Brooklyn!) first-ever Fashion Week. The Tents at Bryant Park couldn’t compare to the raw constructed Fort nestled under the city skyline. That night, I became familiar with raw design talent. The designer: Nana Boateng for Akua Adoma.

Nana constructed some of the most exquisite men’s tailoring; think Bespoke with plenty of color and energy. Nana draws inspiration from exotics and various cultures. Often his bright-hued double-vented suits are tailored for all varying body shapes: Athletic to Slim built. (Just take a look at the pictures inset.) Along with master cut suits, Nana’s long sharp-tailored long coats are rad! I’ve never seen nothing like it—and that’s no hyping or puffery. Nana's become known for a runway trademark: models walk sans shoes.

Last week, the crew (Jay, Kwasi, Andrea and Mr. MSR) took in his recent collection at the now annual BK Fashion Weekend. Unfortunately readers, my Exilim couldn’t capture strong shots from the runway. I did manage though to corner a backstage shot of Nana’s models (pictured below) post show.

Overlook the spots and revel in the fits and cuts!

I caught up with Nana during the press madness backstage and here were his quick remarks.

MSR: Love the collection Nana! What were your inspirations?

Nana: Thanks a lot (smiles). Energy+ Vibrancy were strong inspirations. I wanted to invoke that in this collection. The colors I chose are clear telling representations of that.

MSR: Why do you continue using the signature trademarks?

Nana: I don’t use shoes on models because bare foot adds a pop and flair to my suits I find.

Besides styling up Hollywood luminaries (Djimon Hounsou, James Franco, Derek Luke, etc.), Nana’s sartorial wonderment graced the leafs of Essence Magazine, People Magazine, Men’s Health, Bandshell, just to mention a select few. In addition, you may remember seeing Nana make history by headlining the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine. Major!

A brief sampling of Nana's designs:

For more information on purchasing suits, please visit Akua Adoma.

Recent Update: Check out the profile video Black Enterprise did on Nana Boateng.

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