Vintage Meatpacking District.

The old Meatpacking District street art.

Viola!! The new-and-improved Meatpacking. Revitalization has swarmed the neighborhood!

House. Gansevoort Hotel. Tracy Reeese. Alexander McQueen. Dianne Von Furstenberg. Jefferey’s. All these titles are instantly, better yet, automatically mirrored with the present Meatpacking District. The ultra-hip cobblestone neighborhood has quickly risen to the forefront boasting the best shops and boutiques NYC’s ever witness. The area use to reek due to the extensive meat slaughtering houses, hence the current name. Today, the stench has evaporated to welcome refreshing smells of high-fashion and sauntering style players.

On a recent merchandise sight seeing tour, I bumped into Scott Schuman on set shooting a fashionable subject. You see the blog of his wicked capturing but to see it on-hand it’s priceless. Picture it: Scott Schuman dressed spring-appropriately surrounding by pools of garbage (literally) shooting this statuesque Asian woman—who was gorgeously striking. As she posed on cue, his lens flickered in the same tune. Another great highlight, his props were so naturale (Italian for natural). Taxi cabs, car commuters and pedestrians were the shoot’s backdrop. I will definitely post the shot when Scott gets it up on Sartorialist.

Excuse the major sway from the post, but I had to give a visual with that one. I spent some time in SCOOP. I toured the very intimate men’s selections and came across just a few items I think were cool. First, I grabbed up these luxe white YMC (British designer) sneakers that were perfect for the summer hit. Picture Jack Purcell Converse’s with more minimalism.

After ingesting YMC’s simple design construction, I walked over to take in their Vilebrequin swimmies neatly hanged on hooks. The styles were blahh...nothing serious. Overall, visit the shop (men’s) if you just need some high-end casual getups. Or if you’re a book junkie or art lover like Mr. MSR, walk next door to their lifestyle concept shop.

You always save the best for last! Jefferey baby! As you enter you’ll immediately grasp the clothing store’s cutting-edge atmosphere. Jeffrey Kalinsky (founder) to this day is a major buyer for both his NY and Atlanta stores. Most times when in Jeffery’s, I’m always in proximity to the Men’s ultra-trendy shoe department! It’s an experience in itself!! On this day, I was salivating helplessly over Bottega’s woven Vans-inspires sneaks; Lanvin’s partial patent cap toe shoes; Dior Homme two-colored three-strap tennis shoes and many more brands (Barker Black suede royal-esque slip-on was nice!) that I could spend my bonus and tax returns on in a whim.


Take these very brief Meatpacking District tour recaps as a telltale sign where to head for fantastic investment pieces (at these prices, the pieces appreciate with age) that benefits your personal style to the utmost extent.

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RJ said...

The Lanvin's are Dope.