Of course the unequal Hollywood couple has upcoming or pending projects launching. But don’t you love the focused branding (meaning extra familiarity) the duo is offering up for viewer eyes! I believe it’s incredible and strategic. A power couple posing for same month venerable covers: V Man (even a barber whose so non-fashion got hooked from the issue I toted!) and Harper’s Bazaar. Both covers and accompanying spreads were fresh and appealing to the eye! Stephen Gan (founder and E.I.C @ V Man & Creative Director @ Harper’s) I know you had some workings behind the scene with this stellar execution.

Check this attention-grabbing cover out!

Simply, FABULOUS at your age, is the truth!
Whatever your doing sweets, continue it.

**GENTS! Preview these BONUS goodies I pulled straight from the well-styled pages of V MAN. Don't you just feel like snatching up these obsessions because of the artful styling.

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