Ladies Cap Sleeve T-Shirt!

Men's Black Hoodie (A favorite of Mr. MSR)

On a bus ride en route back to NYC recently I was talking with a friend about political clothing designers and their messaging(s). We raved about Diddy’s VOTE or DIE and how suggestive and in-your-face it was. Also, the large impact and needed awareness it carried to young voters. She made a joke (can’t remember the exact spewed tagline) about a t-shirt highlighting the faced severities we’d encounter by not voting for President Obama. Would you know, right after I got back I received an e-mail about a clothing brand pro-Obama. I’ve see countless OK, and plain right tacky fashion depictions for Barack Obama.

I am excited by and for this new brand. My style endorsement (hands down!) goes to Barackawear!

Their collection (for men & women) is very edgy with the required boldness to grab your attention. The line as I’ve seen, is being supported by scores of celebrities and power players throughout. Hill Harper (my mentor and actor) recently nabbed over 200+ shirts for swag bags for Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Barack Obama’ fundraiser.

Starting out with a limited and exclusive run, brother-sister duo Lorielle (stylist) and Brandon (movie producer) turned Barackawear into a two-part collection—stocking t-shirts (ringer and plain styles) and hoodies. I’m excited to see what Barackawear turns into. I’ll definitely be sporting some of the pieces throughout the campaigning.

I encourage you readers to preview my new favorite find at: Barackawear.

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