**Some shots are from last week's edition

Clooney looking Dapper on the recent cover of TIME

Actor Hosea Sanchez (CW-The Game) showing a strong sense of style with this black-on-black outfit.
Case in point: He uses a red leather belt (w/white stitching) to kick the style factor up.

Eva you GET IT! Lance don't slip up with her!

Actor (from Greys Anatomy) giving his cool rocker pose. Mr. MSR is feeling the avis!

Al Roker here with his wife at Ermenegildo Zegna boutique opening.
Check the RODA linen pocket square. Remember you heard it here first but it's the next big haberdashery (especially RODA) we're going to see emerge in menswear!

Tom Hanks always frame up his suits! Even the rtw (ready to wear) getups!

The best dressed gent at last night's Ermenegildo Zegna boutique opening in NYC.
Sidebar: Check out the perfect jacket length-to-cuff ratio Tiki's showing off!

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