Before I feature another post I have to give a big THANKS to ALL MaleStyle Review readers, fans, and onlookers. The positive e-mail feedbacks has been inspiring, the praises I’ve received on the streets are appreciated, the general comments left on the blog are all components that makes up the driving force of this blog. It started with a simple idea. A conversation with my colleague and a session with Cliff Hopkinson (managing editor of Condé Nast Traveler) solidified the MaleStyle Review blog concept.

I never forget to say “Thank You” and “Please, even in normal daily activities. It sounds cliché but these two words have set the stage for all the countless blessings and opportunities this young Gent has received thus far. My focused intentions behind this blog are to generate a platform for GENTS to congregate on. My success, I already received—the positive responses and pleasing comments.

Another success story is looking where the blog has traveled. It’s transcontinental baby! I’m really siked! Dubai, England, Africa (so siked!), Germany, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Spain, just to name a few are all logged in to MaleStyle Review. I’ll continue bringing the content and sartorialness (sp).

Take care everyone and continue reading!

Thank You, 谢谢 (Chinese), Gracias (Spanish), Respect Due (Jamaican).

-Mr. MSR

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