Larry and Stanley
Photographer's of Sankofa Series

A few Sundays back, I and a storm of comrades visited the “Sankofa Series” at Harriet's Alter Ego (retail space intertwined with
art gallery ). Another comrade, Larry Ossei-Mensah (My Global Hustle), and his friend Stanley Lumax are the creators of this prolific series. The photog duo, displayed arresting documentary-style shots of the African culture—Ghana in particularly. I never traveled to the continent, but the soulful visuals encourage one to visit the mother land without qualms.

Exhibit patron analyzing photos.

Subject Kimathi (Jamhuri Wear) inset with exhibit portrait behind.

Each shot posses a strength and story that was clear. I think these are two attributes Larry and Stanley executes—strengths any photographer would want to convey. A market woman intensely scaling fishes to a well-built beautiful girl (think model Ajuma) who powerfully kicks a soccer ball (sans shoes at that) in a grass field were just a sample of what viewers took in.

Compelling Shots!

Sankofa Series was bustling with cool art lovers and style players. Also, people rocked (I caught myself bopping at one point) to good tunes. Along with the melodies, visitors were served the tastiest apps. I had instant flashbacks of family cooking just because of how amazing the chicken and bite-size fried filet's were.

Mr. MSR nestled between two lovelies.

Larry and Stanley posing with their crew.

The “Sankofa Series” is great exhibit that I would love to see make stops at various U.S. and African cultural institutions.

Post-exhibit shot.


Anonymous said...

You have the names mixed up. Stanley is the taller one in the pin striped suit jacket.

MS Reviewer said...

I wasn't actually going in a particular order from the shot. I just mentioned their names. Thanks for the clarification though!