He gets my vote for "Best Spring Edgy!"
I believe this is a custom creation but wouldn't be surprised if it's Thom Browne, Balenciaga, or Brooks Brother!

Luigi Martini of Kiton (calypso man) grooving in style.
I'm digging the various quirky textures and elements.

Kudos for Lindsay presenting the urban-chic look as they call it.
The lion face tank and metallic dunks are killers!

Always rolling in style no matter how different their fashion choices are!

Michael Macko (Saks Menswear Director) I like the risk-taking with this ensemble!

YALE student wearing grunge very well and natural-looking.

This child actor is off to a great start!
Besides his high-style accessories (LV coin purse and luxe chipper gold watch) I like the mix of cotton shirt with tweed flat front pants.
Side note: This girl said "you and this kid look alike." I don't see it, does anyone else?

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