What a busy week for Mr. MSR!

I have been slightly away and handling many interesting projects. One in particular, I'm thrilled to share once the pieces falls in together! With that said, I'm back with the content!


The leaves are protruding from the branches while their accents-- bold flowers--are steadily blooming. Another telltale for Spring I'm noticing--all down Madison Ave and other posh avenues--are lighter-hued power suits with solid or striped contrast shirts.

If you're a product of 1980s you'll remember when Power Suits came onto the scene with their sharp cuts, broad shoulder pads (it beefed up the frame), and rigidness. According to men's fashion historical records, Ralph Lauren launched the 'Power Suit.' The term is explanatory: the designs provide a high level of prestige, power and classic refinement.

I'm all for the power suit--but only two-button single breast styles. Its slicker, very debonair-like and instantly whips your frame into sartorial-mode. I always say, "purchasing a power suit (have it tailored afterwards) that matches your shape and skin tone produce style-winners."

This Spring, take a powerful risk and nab unconventional shades Gents: Fiery red, chocolate, sky-blue(very Spring!), super-white (Diddy, watch out this year!), forest green, etc. In addition, cast away dispels of power suits having to color match. Mix matching colors is quite OK. Or if you prefer matching, turn your tailored separates (jackets, pants, and vests) into a power suit. No worries, I do both all the time and still execute the exact power suit silhouette.

Spring Power Suits I'm Enjoying:

A perfect example of a proper fitting power suit!

Wicked execution for the power suit hitting the town.

Stellar preppy/casual look here with the power suit.

Gents, I saw this video from GMA Weekend anchor (aired last week) speaking with DETAILS editor's discussing appropriate suiting for various shaped men. I thought it was a cool compliment to this entry. Enjoy!

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