My two all time favorite sneakers (Adidas Gazelle and PUMA Clyde) styled opposite each other on this book cover caught me. As I delved further into the cover, I realized Puma and Adidas were launched by rival brothers after a previous business partnership went south, or if you prefer, sour. Being intrigued by the flap cover prefaces I journeyed deeper to see the impact their feuding caused in the sporting business. Prepare yourself for some WOW factors! It's an exciting read and obsession for any Gent a fan of sneakers or these brands.

Before author-turn-celebrities like Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Raymond Nadeau, etc. we had the legendary George C. Fraser scribing his gems. My dad (in the medical field) swears by his business writings and volumes (both current and old). I never got why. That's until I stumbled on Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships. George Fraser shouts off like a well experienced networking guru and people connector. I commend this book for dishing out relatable truths anyone down to a high school senior understands. With such an easy-read feel, I wouldn't be surprised if you finished the book in one sitting. I recommend having this title in your collection. Why? Because it willl always keep you connected!

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