Potential Couple? This shot really shouts potential couple.
Mr. Benjamin we're feeling your contrasting combos! Especially the snug beret and bold graphic tie.

George Clooney's style statement is clear even cushioned between Renee and the girlie.

I see you RL! We're digging the dashing tux jacket!
In addition, positive style points for the skinny mustard belt!

Cassie you're a instant fashion-forward with this number.
The nude legs are hurting me... :) :)

Gossip Girl actors stylin' for 'The Early Show' in NYC!
Awesome fresh and slick British pointers on the left!

Even with double side profile shots this style duo is still recognizable.
Victoria: I like cobalt blue on you. Also, the daring cutout back is sexy!!
David: Even with a tailored waistcoat , rolled up oxford, distressed denim, and rough-hewn boots you still manage to look compliment Victoria.

CP3 a.k.a. Chris Paul showing of his New Orleans style for this month's Men's Vogue.

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