I call it the go-to for affordable luxe (I like the flow of that)! UNIQLO's brought the 'shopping experience' back to Soho. If you haven't visited the three-level aesthetic-inclined space, I beckon you to take a trip over. For my global readers, just pencil it in on your 'To Do' list when you arrive in NYC.

Currently, their massive display(pictured) might seem tagged up with grand manga (japanese term for comic) characters . It's all in apart to celebrate and honor some of Japan's most acclaimed manga publishers, who's been sketching for the last 50 years. I like the fact the brand remains true to their culture, and takes the liberty of inviting consumers to be included!

UNIQLO, never putting down the desing-forward torch, has fired up a limited edition collection of inspired graphic t-shirts celebrating manga culture. I gathered some shots of the limited edition t-shirt roll out currently on the mannequins.

The first 'T' is my winner!

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Young Global said...

yeah I like the manga... the basquiat & haring shirts are boo.. boo