i-Google banners in a museum space.

I and millions of other Google enthusiasts, fanatics, fiends, etc. are always thrilled at newly developed Google functions. Today, prior to searching for this new men's organic grooming product ( J. Earl), a little tag line seared below the search bar asking if I wanted to create a new iGoogle theme from some popular artists? Of course, I wanted to try it out!

The gasp was Google's strong reach for artist and fashion designers for the project. i-Google artistic themes boasted creations by Dolce & Gabbana, Tory Burch, Oscar de La Renta (even Oscar baby!), Diane von Furstenberg, NIGO, Phillppe Starck, Marck Ecko, Jeff Koons and a score of others.

If you're Googleized (sp) daily, consider creating a cool aesthetic to cruise your search results in. Oh yea, I am coolly cruising with my buddy Phillipe Starck. After I become zzz'd with Starck, I'll implement the Coldplay themes.

A sampling of artist themes available for i-Google.

Oscar de La Renta

Tory Burch

Marc Ecko

Phillppe Starck

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