I had no intentions of posting another blog entry until Monday. However, the passing of the most revered political journalist—Tim Russert—made me want to communicate a little personal memento of the legendary journalist. I remember in my early years at my grandparents’ house, most Sunday mornings, eating breakfast and glued to Meet the Press with Mr. Russert. At 6 and 7, I didn’t really understand the political roundtable talks being discussed, so I watched by default with everyone else.

With age, I understood the show’s platform and why it was a great politician stage. Despite great political spotlighting, you talked “real politics” with Tim. He didn’t soften up with his panel or guests. Mr. Russert delivered hardball heavy-duty questions that made even some of the best intellectual politicians stumble and quiver up.

At around 4 p.m. this afternoon after hearing the news of his passing, I phoned the people who started their Sunday mornings religiously with Tim Russert—the grandparents. My grandmother was crushed and kept saying “Oh, nooo” in her fine accent. Then she added, “I was saying to myself last week he didn’t look so well in his face and eyes.”

Tim Russert died of a massive heart attack shortly after conducting a taped interview for his show on MSNBC. Today, news of the unmatchable interviewer’s passing speeded around the journalism and media circles. To add, networks have been showing us aside of Mr. Russert we often don’t glimpse—the devoted husband, caring father, and proud son. As I keenly listened, I was in total admiration for a man who lived a life dedicated to “see others achieve success, and enjoyed raising his only son Luke.”

The real eye-opener is he passed just before Father’s Day; leaving his son and father with countless memories to ponder. Some of his strongest family man-to-man moments were featured in his acclaimed New York Times bestsellers, “Big Russ and Me” and “Wisdom of our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Sons and Daughters.”

“Sunday mornings will never be the same”, are the linking comments you continue to hear from presidents, esteemed colleagues, and the common public.

America will miss you Timmy.


A series of photographs I feel best represent Tim Russert.

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