Every June, I wrestle with the same question: “What to get Dad for Father’s Day?”

Each holiday, differentiating from last year’s present is not an easy task. How do we get out of the indecisive gift-buying rut? How do you come off as fresh yet thoughtful? I GOT IT!

Think luxe and unconventional this year!! Luxe oftentimes connotes to pricey and pocket-draining; it can also be affordable and still represent opulence and luxuriousness. Unconventional is commonsense: Have a creative and forward-thinking mindset towards the gift.

This holiday, MaleStyle Review sourced a few creative, and memorable, Father’s Day gifts Dad would adore and actually apply—as per say to shoving them in his customary gift storage box. Present Dad this holiday with something to treasure and honor. Change your traditional gift list of pens, printed ties, engraved ornaments, cufflinks, and consider the below for the upcoming holiday.

John Deere Lawn Tractor

Upgrade dad this year from traditional mowing to in-style garden grooming. While neighbors are unenthusiastically lugging lawnmowers across their greens, let dad comfortably perch atop his robust John Deere to trim the landscape. The durable features on Monsieur John Deere (12 gauge frame, heavy-duty crankshafts, edge-cutting systems, etc.) promise maximum force and reliability for his Saturday morning lawn cleanup.

HUBLOT: Big Bang Wristwatch

In 1980, Carlo Crocco knew his intentions for unveiling the first-ever watch with black rubber straps. Fast forward twenty something years later, and Hublot remained true—with stylish timepieces topped off with rubber strapping. Hublot is roaring in the 21st century with their “Big Bang” collection rollout. The stainless steel case and bezel, accompanied with H-style crews and sapphire crystal display, invokes ear-to-ear smiling from any Dad. This holiday, brandish the “Big Man” with this exquisite accessory. The amazing forceful detailing encourages the AMEX swipe.

Book—POP: A Celebration of Black Fatherhood

Last year, I bought this awesome coffee table book for my Dad on Father’s Day. The book’s ethnic center celebrates men of color who has traveled against all odds to break the global stigma angrily dressed onto Black fatherhood. Author, Carol Ross, with photographs and words, shares the glorious highlights, worries, happiness, pain, fathers encounter raising their children. Although carved towards black fathers, I strongly believe, the underlying vision, celebrates ALL fatherhood—know matter the pigment.

Bad Brains + CBGB Skateboard Deck

The popular punk band from the 1970s has appeared—from their performance at defunct CBGB bar—onto Manik skateboard decks. The priceless capture is taken by culture photog phenomenon—Craig Wetherby. Why get a skateboard deck for Dad? Because, decks are the ultimate modern-day artwork! Framed art and paintings are too traditional, and ultra-passé.

KODAK S510 Digital Picture Frame

Compile all your childhood and father-loved photos and load them into this digital frame. KODAK’s made it super-easy to have fond memories on a repetitive view. Besides Dad being a little cheerful, or misty-eyed, it’s travel-friendly from home to office. Or even with him on the surprise Father’s Day vacation you’re brewing up (*Hint, Hint!).

I hope these were some helpful Father’s Day gift suggestions. Please, send an e-mail if you need pricing and where-to-buy information. In addition, check back to Male Style Review and share Dad’s response to the gifts!

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