At the break of the month, MSR started receiving loads of grooming products and information. A hearty THANK YOU to all our men’s grooming partners (Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Aveda, Coty, just to name a few) for submitting products to roundup our holiday grooming feature, for the MSR readers. This holiday season we decided to opt for neatly grooming stocking stuffers; nothing too big, nothing too wild.

Let’s kick off with our favorite manly aromas:

1. Hilfiger Collection Gift Set by Tommy Hilfiger—Tommy Hilfiger since TOMMY for Men (remember the superstar cologne!) continues whipping up signature scents, never to overpowering. Once more, the designer has blended clean, super-crisp, energized masculine scents. Encased in a miniature box-shaped glass, the lasting sensual scents of Bergamot, Mandarin, and strengthen grapefruit makes this a must-buy holiday assortment. To add, the moisten shave balm absorbs through the pores leaving off a perfume scent.

2. Calvin Klein “Euphoria” Gift Set—Before pushing down the nozzle to release the intoxicating yet delicate scent, the spirited ingredients of ginger pepper cocktails, patchouli, amber, Brazillian redwood, and chilled sudachi, peppered us up. The after scent saturates a gentle woodsy and musk tone, we noticed. Along with the refreshing and superior scent, Euphoria’s modular shaped bottle grants aesthetic tastes to the gift recipient.

Stay tuned for Part II where we reveal our best facial grooming goods currently raving the market.


JD said...

You should check out Gaultier2, I just coped it a few weeks ago and it's killin'

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks for the alert!