U.S. design patent from 1953.

Raymond Stegerman created venerated and iconic sunglasses—the Ray-Ban’s. Early Ray-ban adverts targeted Gents, but grew a more unisex appeal towards chic women. From 50’s into 2000’s, the modern trapezoid-shape specs are framing all types of faces worldwide. To date, we read, the enduring styles are the best selling sunglasses in the eyewear category.How great! All this week, Ray-Ban new “colorize” styles have bombarded the masses with launch parties (Bowery Ballroom) and magazine collaboration (GQ!) events. Mr. MSR made the trips and colored out with the reintroduced frames. The spanking new designs offer multi blends of hued lens mixed in with pop-color accents. Put it this way, Ray-Ban’s new offering ranges with ALL your varied or unchanging outfits.

See the Ray-Ban favorites we have resting on our nose bridges.

Winter Blue!

1950s Chic!

Asprés-ski !

The Gossip Girl cast rocking out their fresh Ray-Bans at Bowery Ballroom.

Quick side note: Penn Badgley is sporting the best shawl-collar knit jacket we've seen all season.

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