On Day 1 I arisen stoke to hit the NYC street pavement with my Fashion Week A-Team! With the scores of shows happening—some even in same time block—we had to top line through and mark only must-attend shows. We stormed Rag & Bone, Robert Geller, and Victor Glemaud.
Here’s my runway preview assessment of the three:

Rag & Bone

We arrived to Rag & Bone a little fashionably late and the hulking doorman didn’t allow us access. However, I had veteran eyes/ears taking coverage of the show second-by-second. Oh and Men.Style provided the best images! Overall, I found Rag & Bone infused the catwalk with Samurai and Japanese influences. Proper proportions and structured construction held court for the collection (even womenswear). Instead of the traditional Fall palette, the designers’ collection consisted of neutrals, moody blues, and stark grays. The clear takeaway from Rag &Bone was their range with pleasant structured assortments (jackets, waistcoats, pant,). Post- show, stylist Rachel Zoe and debonair Fonzworth Bentley gushed continued praises about the show.

Robert Geller

Moved. Inspired. Visionary. Creativeness. These are some of the words that pierced my spirits when I sat second row for the show. I grew a piquing interest about two weeks ago after witnessing a close pal donning a R.G. cotton-canvas (resembles leather) toggle coat. “The atmosphere of strength, elegance and constant pursuit of uniqueness” birthed Robert Geller’s collection. The color tones in the collection: Dusty rose, deep black, a rich ultramarine, plum, and traces of fuchsia. Robert played with fabrics such as mohair (lined the jacket collars); Japanese cotton jersey; alpaca (for knits), cotton canvases with polyurethane coatings, and rubberized denim. The stylist who painted the collection onto the models got my praises.

Victor Glemaud

The style players and fashion darlings always flock toward Victor Glemaud. On Day 1, I along with the A-Team joined the style populous at Milk Gallery for V.G. Fall preview. The overall takeaway I assessed, Victor presented an assertive-centric collection. The models stomped down the bleach-white runway in fitted cuff-rolled pants and selective Dr. Marten boots. The neutral cardigans (a Glemaud signature) and ribbed comfy knits were my favorite collection pieces!

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