Where have you been Mr. MSR? Totally far away, yet sync to your messages regarding NYC recent Fashion Week. Thanks for your messages and inquiries. So, as promise (albeit a few days late) here’s MSR additional recap of the menswear shows that traveled NYC Fashion Week.

Band of Outsiders

Can I just say Mr. MSR really hearts Band Of Outsiders with every fiber on his manly physique. I hurried down to the Canal Street studio and sadly caught the last parts of the 1967's La Chinoise inspired collection. Thankfully, B.O.O. design house immediately posted the runway stills post-presentation. I would have been super-bitter if I did not preview the missed designs. The collection offered a rich range: Cotton suiting, cropped two-toggle outerwear’s, patchwork-style windbreakers, Sperry for Band Of Outsiders suede hi-top (I will hunt until I find) and low-top dashing boat shoes. Each season, the amazing Scott Sternberg always amazes us and he rightfully did once more for Fall.

Women readers: These sporty spike heels are Manolo Blahnik for B.O.O.
Start searching for them soon!


From entering to exiting I extolled marvels about Buckler’s strong and concise presentation. The models definitely wore Buckler’s Fall collection—with added jazz and flash!! Take into account, block podiums took reign instead of mile long conventional runways. Before chatting up the chief designer about the genesis of the collection, I was able to get literal hands-on-approaches with garments on showcase.

The showing collection drew inspiration from The Picture of Dorian Gray (authored by Oscar Wilde). “The nature of Oscar’s story, which encompasses the duality between substance and surface, good and evil, and human decay, presents itself where the versatile garments works well in rough or formal surroundings”, as eloquently said to Mr. MSR by Buckler chief designer. The Fall pieces included heavy ounce denims, cotton shirting, chunky knitted sweaters (I gasped several times!), plaited leather on heavy garments, removable brass buttons, scarf-hats (I couldn’t stop thinking about them). And the accessories were smoking with excellence! The leather articulate wingtips, patent calf boots, sneaker/boot hybrid selections, overlapping skinny belts are all Fall sure sellers.

Richard Chai (Men)

In the brew of all the military, heavy-duty-inspired collection themes, Richard Chai followed suit with NYC menswear talents showing off Fall threads. Chai belted out a host killer crop jackets (some denim and motorcycle), and pleasing grunge plaids. And rich wool pants and thigh-reaching cardigans stole the show I feel. Richard Chai cemented into fruition the modern Fall man uniform and I totally concur with his execution.


Micha said...

Ok where can I find that toggle jacket at the top of page?

MS Reviewer said...

Micha late July to mid Aug. Fall items start appearing in stores. For a definitive roll-out date and store location, contact B.O.O.

JD said...

Richard Chai is sick!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what is B.O.O?

MS Reviewer said...

B.O.O. is abbreviation for Band Of Outsiders.