What a musical presentation last night?! I didn’t get to witness the live telecast but my DVR had I fully covered—from red carpet arrivals to award show departures. Overall, the Grammy’s was OK-cool! Not great or fantastic, but OK-cool. I wanted to be jolted over the wall but I simply remained posted on the top wall. I think Chris Brown and Rihanna ala Ike and Tina fiasco soured my Grammy hopes. I’ll give my Grammy’s review breakdown in three paragraph segments.


For the most part the Grammy attendees came glowing with style togetherness. Of course you had NO-NO’s that fell short of the style mark. Some examples: Cindy Lauper, Bai-Ling, John Mayer (major FUG), and shocker Sean Combs (dressed in a spiffy light purple perforated bomber jacket, dark denims, white t-shirt, and jacket-matching NIKE trainers). Attendees kicking with attention pizzazz in my opinion were: Katy Perry (donning a bubblegum hued frock that accentuated the positives), NeYo (although decking the usual Grey, blended in sleek Black elements), Taylor Swift (in a swift knockout black jersey ensemble), Jennifer Hudson (dressed in an artsy color-block dress), Kim Kardashian (I was blown away) and the Jonas’ looking smartly fit in traditional penguin suits. For the most part, the Grammy’s summoned a nice plethora of well-dress individuals.


Congratulations to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant for cleaning up 5 golden phonographs. Also great seeing Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson, Estelle and Kanye (no winy tantrums this year), Adele (love this new songstress. I encourage getting her album), Radiohead, Al Green, Sugarland and all other winners whose music earned Grammy accolades.


I was very impressed with the overall Grammy’s performance lineup. First off, Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder rocked out well. The Jonas’ really shocked me out—like really. As did Justin Timberlake (I coined him Soul Prince after last night) with Al Green and Boyz II Men. I won’t even charade or front, but Jennifer Hudson’s heart wrenching number jerked the tear ducts. T.I.’s performance (I am still hunting down the super-killer leather piping black trench he showcased) with Soul Prince. It was refreshing to see Sir. Paul McCartney still jams out. The Four Tops tribute had me reminiscing and jamming in my apartment confines.

But, you and I both know, the show stealer was “The Rap Pack” performing Swagger Like Us. Were you also bewildered by a pregnant M.I.A (who’s in labor as I write) as I was? Girl is a trooper! The performer wasn’t the bit taken back or discouraged from rocking with the men (in a Henry Holland creation) with a baby-is-due-today stomach. Side note: I think I will implement Jay-Z’s diamond encrusted brooch pin-to-lapel approach very soon.

Overall, I gave the Grammy’s a resolute 8 from a 1-10 scaling.


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