If you knew Mr. MSR you would know he has a firm penchant for great jackets--better phrased, ANY smashing outerwear. I saw the video clip first, then a hi-res photo of Kanye West wearing the most smoking trench coat with quilted treatments. Aside from polarized whining antics and notice-me tantrums, Kanye draws for spicy footwear & outerwear choices every time I feature eyes on him. I need your help IMMEDIATELY! I must OWN ( between now and beginning of Spring) the pictured jacket. While I'm scouring the web, calling Burberry (it looks Burberry-ish), and delving in lookbooks I need you to chime in--via-comment section or e-mail--whose the designer responsible for this rocking coat!!

A real-time view of Kanye sporting the trench.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the coat is made by "Band of outsiders" A fast growing european brand with a cult following!...........ANd yeah, it's fukin dope!!!