Since its glam and glitz debut early this year at Consumer Electronics show, I have been holding out from replacing my current Treo smartphone. Honestly, I never gravitated towards the i-Phone or Bl[Cr]ackberry pop culture mayhem. Palm and I have been rocking since early college years!! Let's just say Palm Treo and Mr. MSR developed an unshakable bond through the years.

The new and lean multimedia smartphone is readying for a June debut.

It boasts fully featured smartphone programming; the Pre includes voice connectivity, text messaging, email functionality, an integrated 3 megapixel digital camera, 3G internet access powered by a full mobile web browser, as well as support for third-party applications. To add with more boastings (smiley), the PRĒ will be one of the first smartphones to feature wireless charging, using electromagnetic induction through an optional wireless charging dock (dubbed the "Touchstone") and a special charging back cover, which will also be sold separately.

Action speaks louder than [written] words, check a real-time glimpse of Mr. MSR's latest tech obsession.

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