Yesterday amidst movie-watching (nothing beats the epic Apocalypto!), family dinner, writing press releases, funny bantering, I happen to ingest WSJ. weekend edition. Of course I made beeline toward the Life & Style section! Style scriber Ray A. Smith penned a potent story entitled 'Black Tie' Made of Blue Denim. It woke up my senses to understand why stores, menswear style spreads, and department catalogs glorified nontraditional suiting types instead of the classic penguin tuxedo ensemble.

The article clearly hints note-takers gentlemen are newly honing for black-tie engagements.

I went eye shopping to clutch up some the renovated tuxedos you'll notice making a defining presence in the menswear marketplace!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Michael Bastian

Dolce & Gabbana

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