For over ONE month I surrendered you to ancient MSR features. Can I offer you an attractive sorry? Mr. MSR was immersed in rising up new projects and winning concepts! But I am back, and although I may not post daily, know that I will never malnourish your style spirits as I recently did. Speaking of winning ideas, I have been beefing up the video content (I did say I’ll get on camera after welcoming ’09!) during the MSR nonappearance.

Feel free to leave your messages and thoughts in the comment section.

Oh yea, and, MaleStyle Review is back in ONWARD mode!!!!!

Check out my newborn segments below.

Kareem Anglin’s STYLE TALK!

Segment #1

Segment #2


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Glad to have you back! I missed your style, and this new video piece that you have added....PRICELESS!!!... now do these people pay you for the P.R. or what? Also,i must say whatever else is happening with you, you have definitely found your niche with promoting fashion. You have the gift of writing in a style that is endearing, has a beat and is definitely interesting. Now with the video added...way to go. My prayer and hope for you is that you become a big name in fashion, somewhat like Andre Leon Talley. Not his lifestyle per say, but you know, have a name in fashion that is known worlwide. take good care and keep them coming.
..from the lady who has dared to correct your grammar. Irie.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the videos... quick suggestion, I'd check out the "rule of thirds" in cinematography- it'd definitely make your stuff look more professional. Best of luck