Months back, cozying out during a friend's rent party, a sleek figure bolted across flashing a jet-black tailored trenchcoat boasting cut-out ventilation. I focused every effort next, to discover the inventive fingerprints behind the outerwear. The answer back: "Hi, I'm Brian, I designed this jacket last season." A interest in designer "Brian Wood" matured immediately. I find fashion adopters (including Mr. MSR) are lapping up Pratt Institute grad Brian Wood's trendsetting creations.

I present you Brian Wood Fall/Winter '09 menswear collection. Entitled Night Stalkers, the collection promotes stark blacks, steel grays, warm off-whites, and other interesting color treatments. (Certain oxford cuffs in the collection boast stylized blood splattering.) Night Stalkers gives wearers edginess all while being sharp and neat-looking. Our favorite standouts: Rugged asymmetrical motorcycle bombers; dark denim duffel coats; comfy cashmere knits emblazon "B" logos, and water-repellent outerwear with adjoining face masks.

Feel free to visit Brian Wood online for more brand information and nearest stockist details.


B. Pasqualato said...

nice blog

Blank Label said...

the button-down shirts are killer and i really love the grey jacket. i can appreciate what he is trying to do with the masks for the theme, but i think the clothes would look better without the creepy 'killer' or 'robber' look.