You awake with eye crusts or maybe drips of drool firmed on the lip brim. What's your first course of morning action? If by any chance you won a spot on Vanity Fair's juried '09 International Best-Dressed List , I guarantee you're coordinating statement looks at the crack of dawn. Reading certain considered fashionista names on VF's list puzzled me. Like ???

Some distasteful, uninspired and far-out fashion players made the cut and it just didn't rest well. I came to the conclusion, the individuals held clout or some power handling among the Vanity Fair empire. I digress. The list included scores of style-wielding ladies and sharp-attired gentlemen.

MSR is celebrating the guys who starred the coveted list !!!

Lapo is my MAN! BTW: He reads MaleStyle Review!

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Blank Label said...

these looks are all great! bravo to these guys. and james bond always looks impressive!