Bon voyage NYC Fashion Week!

Overall, NYC Fashion Week received likable and spirited reviews! Personally, I gave the entire week a bold 8! With F.W. officially wrapped, its time for rollout reviews of my favorite ending designer shows.

Michael Bastian

A show worth attending--packed with all the right punches!

Last week a colleague and I rush determinedly to sit in on Bastian's much-buzzed Spring presentation. Even in nosebleed seating assignments (power fashion A-listers crushed the frontal and secondary rows), I still swung a perched and focused view. Truthfully, opening runway men's looks were clear, conventional, Michael.

...What happen next, ensued repeated jaw-drop gasps--literally. Space lights dimmed, reappearing (in seconds) to propose fresh-toned models hammering out attractive + striking! pieces along the runway mile. (Michael focused substantially on one-piece standouts as per se coordinated and matchy looks.)

Frankly, taking in the mixture of styled together assortments--thigh-long cardigans over safari green shorts, U-ring toggle coat layered over a sweater-shirt-combo and milky shred-cutoff shorts--planted me on the cobblestone roads of Italy. Michael's echoed machismo inspirations were transparent even before receiving Spring '010 collection notes. A collection has one charged once cravings and itching for a second walk-of-show conjures.

Mr. MSR plans on scouring through Jeffrey's NY aisles [early March] for Bastian's all-powerful Spring collection.

Timo . Weiland

Überhip fashion designers, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, blew us out of our loafers--again! First exploring with a capsule [accessories] collection, Timo tag-team duo shout out a rather well-rounded men's + women collection. Themed A Life Full Of Holes, Timo Weiland synched a theme-matched collaboration within their Spring roster: ivory open bow tie bibs, whimsical ruffled loop neck chokers + skirts (women's), perforated asymmetric-back militia coat (a dreamy cognac), and polka dot traces.

The creatively styled host of models presented an anti nouveau riche essence during their stance atop v-shape runway platforms. On the outskirts, for an aerial preview, Mr. MSR documented well-tailored, highly-wearable, statement looks.( All jazzy wares for discerning twenty-something wearers.) Besides drool-swooning over the aforementioned cognac perforated coat, a charming precision-pleated trench took ahold !!

Designers of Timo . Weiland.


"The casual, weightless luxury of his clothes marks them as dream ensembles for the contemporary playboy connoisseur," were penciled thoughts from men's style critic Tim Blanks. I couldn't agree more Tim!

Spurrs' Spring collection emanated a subtle yet clear air of sexiness and gentleman flyness! The collection--without any reflection of doubts--mirrored Mr. MSR's Spring '010 wardrobe lineup: sheen navy-blue double breast suit, white sport blazers paired to worn-in distress jeans, peach tone singular pieces, suede oak brown lace-up shoes, bleach-white skinny jeans and a distinct [day-into-night transitioning] trench coat. Using '60s style icons Jimmy Hendrix and Bowie as main inspiratory for Spurr's Spring layout, I would say it had a real groovy and spiced appeal.

See for yourself…


Blank Label said...

aww i wish i was there!
thanks for sharing the post though.
the pictures will do me just fine until i finally go to a Fashion Week (hopefully next yr)

MS Reviewer said...

You're welcome Blank! Feel free to come to Fashion Week next season. The more, the merrier!