A dynamic Fall look !

Like me, many of you arose to the official first day of Fall earlier. Even as a innocent (at least in my elders' eyes) chap I enjoyed watching autumnal transitions: The leaf color changes + crisp air breezes. Besides prepping Fall-appropraite outerwear, Mr. MSR plans to include these stellar picks in the Fall budget. What I admire about each selection, is their easy transitioning over into winter months.

GAP "1969" Premium Jean

For Fall, Gap's marketing force, outpoured aggressively "Born to Fit" branding to the brand's iconic 1969 jean. I was smitten! After eyeing over a drop-down advertisement insert (showcasing all 1969 new jean fits) I felt like yanking the classic-blue wash off the male model. The "Authentic" style (pictured below) is my top favorite. It offers a broken-in-feel + mild sloppy rips + vintage distress treatments .

It's the perfect jean fit! Why? It sits just below the waist. It offers a slim [non-restricting] fit down and seals off with a straight leg opening. I think I have found my new--possibly all time--favorite denim!

Shofolk "Artie Mo" Shoe

I just love a shoe with subtle standouts! Busy shoes just don't work in my book. Shofolk clearly traveled with a-less-is-more approach for the Artie Mo shoe. The bitter chocolate hue sent me in a frenzy!! But the calm design statements--stitch detail on the toe cap and a white leather tape loop on the back heel--convinced a proud purchasing decision.

Louis Vuitton Macassar Carrier

Sharp. Distinct. Straight bad-a**! Perfect fitting for a bundle of great reads or daily essentials, the new Maccasar monogrammed carrier scream function + taste. Plus, the unique marriage between brown and black fleshes great I found.

Speaking of design process, LV produced a broad selection of delicious Macassar accessories (weekender bag, shopper, attache, merse, overnight grip handle (ala Hermes) ) targeting strictly the Louis Vuitton male consumer. Kudos LV!

Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver Cologne

Since chatting up Tom Ford's 'Black Orchid,' many of you--faithful readers + viewers--wrote in to say how 'in awe' you were by the rich scents blended within the ridge-textured bottle. Well, time to gear up your "awe" emotions! Tom Ford excited havoc for a second go-around. Call it second-time charm if you want, but Tom's Grey Vetiver took the cake for Fall premiere fragrance for men!

In similar bottle architecture to 'Black Orchind', the silvery glass structure is packing all the right notes. Very airy + light on the garment, Vetiver still unpacks a masculine scent-noticeable essence.

Tom Ford comments, " Vetiver immediately evokes for me the classic man, someone who has a confident, refined, and slightly traditional senses of what it means to be a man--an elegance that is mirrored in Tom Ford clothing." I will have to second that Tom!

The SARTORIALIST by Scott Schuman

Since his inaugural blog post to current, Mr. MSR have been in tandem with all-things The Sartorialist --from gallery exhibitions to featuring Scott's epic street captures here on MSR . (He produced a pleasant spread on the Fort Greene neighborhood Mr. MSR resides in, highlighting well-dressed neighbors I call friends for GQ's August issue.)

A neat anti-tome, Schuman's pumped up an addictive page-turner of fresh faces (youthful + seasoned) clad in killer fashions in street environments across the globe. It's my new coffee table fixture. And hopefully yours, next!


Blank Label said...

god i love Grey Vetiver. it's such a masculine scent that just makes you feel good about yourself. not in a cocky kind of way, but in a comfortable and confident way.

MS Reviewer said...

I totally agree "Blank"!!! It's a dream!