Dipping and diving through cobblestone pavements, I breezed over to Buckler presentation in their downtown men’s wear boutique. In traditional Buckler presenting format, models planted atop curving podiums. The Spring collection inspired from Helmut Newton’s photographs of a fiberglass mannequin alongside of a human model and Cathy Wilkes’ “Non Verbal-Installation.”

Innovative fabrics were utilized to stylish effect, such as cargo pants and double-breasted blazers made from chintzed linen. Buckler’s spring collection included a stretching of colors: white and ecru, khaki over blues, gray mixed with blacks, with highlights of saffron and flame.

Band of Outsiders

…Beach. Beach. All Beach. Band of Outsider boys converted well-like-and-partied-in Milk 1st floor gallery into a full-on beach ambiance. The carry out setting: Runway-long sand floors and mountains garlanded with vintage pop bottles.

The boyish models paraded in standard Band of Outsider-character: shrunken suits, boasts of nautical traces, and surfer insinuations. B.O.O. opted on furthering above-knee shorts and rolled pant cuffs for S/S ‘010. Frankly, I expected alternative designs out of the oft-creative design house. Nonetheless, Spring pieces were wearable!

Victor Glemaud

Lauded and much-admired for signature trompe l’oeil cardigans, Victor Glemaud rolled out new tweaks + co-designer collaborations for his Spring/Summer ‘010 collection. I entered Milk Studios gallery greeting a cluster of oil-slick GQ models horizontally lining a studio-lighted wall.

Soaking in the Spring wares, Glemaud elected for vivid and multicolored board shorts (Quicksilver collaboration), dashing tailored coats (Mackintosh collab!), full-of-character collar-contrast button-front shirts (Gittman Brothers collab!) which I couldn’t keep staring down! Upon a passing interaction with Victor Glemaud—whose also designs for Tommy Hilfiger—it was explained “collection inspirations were drawn from his recent travels in Rome!”

Buono Victor di lavoro!

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Blank Label said...

this is so amazing. really wish i was there!! thanks for the post and keeping me informed. am in LOVE with the split fabric pants in 3rd to last pic.