Thank music heaven VMA's returned home--back to NYC! What a lineup of spur-of-the moment unpacked events! Kudos to Janet on representing MJ glowingly and Madonna for the heart-stirring mark of respect. I will dare NOT highlight Kanye's look-at-me buffoonery. Mr. MSR ears perked up for good quality music and honed in an edited eye on knockout fashions.

Music's best talents pulled up in flashy rockish and glittery looks! The ladies went micro mini and bare sheen leg while the men went sharp-suited and simple!

Side reflection: Jay-Z and Alicia thank you for exciting a deeper appreciation for my city. NY'ers stand tall!

My favorite style moments of the evening:

Solange, great understated glamour in the one-shoulder number.

Diddy, don't care for this pigeon-toe stance. However, highly appreciating the sharp-fit black white-edged suit. Also loving the jazzy patent-glossed footwear!

HOV'... you're so B-R-O-O-K-L-Y-N and the look, so time-appropriate. The swagger, tilted Yankee fitted (urban term for baseball cap), and relaxed layering gets my approval!

Taylor Lautner represented a Tom Ford appeal on last night’s VMA reds. A very subtle finesse and low-key flamboyance I would comment. Well done Taylor!

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Blank Label said...

diddy's suit is killer!! not a fan of the stripe on the pants though. but the jacket is really nice. I would have liked to see the buttons contrast color too. i think that would have been interesting.