A big SHOUT-OUT to Mr. MSR's mom on her birthday today!
A true stylish woman!

Lindsay and Zac Efron showing classy, youthful style.
Zac, your single-breast Moschino suit is a winner!

Daivd, you're always making our MSR Style list.
For another time, you offer up strong sense of style in a made-to-measure vest and sturdy crisp oxford.
And the icing: The upright bow tie and beaded bracelets!

Usher you've been repeating these trench cropped jackets in various colors. I will find the designer, trust. This time however, you show it off in a classic yet comfy way. Awesome!

Chris, I like the modernize spin on the 'British foot guard' jacket!

I see you have 'style gusto' for donning this avant garde jacket!

Spencer Pratt giving lethal style in a classic pinstripe suit paired with a classic silky crimson tie.
Your accessory (Heidi) is not bad either!

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Jeffrey E. True said...

I have taken a look at that tutorial. I want to do the men fashion. So I will follow your instruction. Can I collect this from any other Women Fashion and Style? Such as boutiqueken.

And Mens blazers

Thank you