The nice NYC weather today ignited my Spring senses (I'm not enjoying the wintry drab one bit). I'm yearning for more warm weather to spring up quickly. I'm extra excited Daylight Savings is soon approaching (my normal mark to anticipate Spring) and I can revel in late dinners under the bright skies. Before I run down my Spring must-haves I’m doubly happy to say BARNEYS new men’s catalog (you’ll understand my joyful rant once you grab one.props to the stylist.) has me on my toes for light breeze and 60+ temps.

Stock up on these key must-haves, and you’ll be well equipped to weather Spring:

*Trench Coat

I believe a trench coat should be your first spring essential (mentioned in earlier post) to conquering the seasonal breezes. I’ve been noticing the celeb GENTS incorporating ‘trench coats’ with key looks: Casual to Dressy. After seeing LeBron,in the high collar-bone trench, I scoured the NYC streets for a comparable match. To my surprise, and equally great timing (all Gods doing) Mr. MSR snatched up his Spring “trenchy” from label. A key pointer when purchasing: Find a trench that suits your frame impeccably. The right fit always trumps! Overall, consider the TRENCH COAT an investment that will continue to bear returns season-after-season.

MARC by MARC JACOBS Brushed Twill Trench Coat
Retail: $528.00

[Sturdy] Umbrella

We're all aware that April showers bears May flowers. As savvy Gents we have forgotten the 'umbrella' and took likens to hats to shelter the rain drops. Instead of soaking your Spring newsboys (J. Crew have some great madras ones) opt for sturdy and dandy umbrella that’s guarantee to shield your dome. To weather the plentiful April rains, I suggest you jet over to the MoMa Store for the Sky Umbrella by Tibor Kalman. Best part to having a ‘Sky’ : Looking up to a clear sky despite the gloominess on the umbrella rim outskirts. In addition, it’s very affordable compared to MoMa’s always vertical prices.

Sky Umbrella by Tibor Kalman

Retail: $48.00


Aviators. Rimless. Square frame. Oversize.

All these styles work great for Spring. The only thing to consider in sunglass pre-purchase mode is: find what works best for your (say, MY) face. The worst thing to see in the spring and/or summer is someone sporting ill fitting frames. It automatically kills your look (even a well-styled look). Certain eye wear shops (highly recommend Solstice!! they always stock current styles) often measure your face or have you try various styles to identify your ideal frame. To bloom strong this season I recommend the following brands: Ray Ban, Roberto Cavalli (produces exquisite frames), Diesel (don’t sleep on this brand), Dior, and Gucci. Last note, veer off from the traditional darker tints and take on lighter hues: Rose Gold, Amber, and Gold Shimmer.

Limited Edition Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses (check the signature snake detailing out!)

Retail: $640.00+


Toughen up your khakis and ginghams with a sleek athletic sneaker pairing. I’m crazy for 'Stan Smiths' in the Spring! It’s a timeless choice you can’t hiccup with. I feel sneakers are great for the warmer spring days. Your sneaker style should always boast a classic design aesthetic. Why? It segues effortlessly from day to night. Gents I strongly recommend Adidas’ Rod Lavers; Any Raf Simons; Common Projects dark low-tops; Alessandro Dell'Acqua darker patent (real Spring trend emerging) styles, just to name a few.

PF Flyers fresh uppers

Retail: $75.00

*Lightweight Pants

Sometimes those 'Ernst Sewn's' can wear you down with its bespoke rigidness. I’m sure certain Ernst fans can relate. Lightweights are rescuers for those overbearing [denim] days. I find most street-wearable lightweight pants come in drawstring styles, with linen finishes. I find them still functional for heavy laden errand times. They’re also a superb casual choice to throw on for Sunday brunch.

Calvin Klein Drawstring Linen Pants
Retail: Only $40.00


I normally purchase Classic White V-necks for the Spring, but Global warming has forced me to lengthen my shirt sleeve. I just have a inkling the weather isn’t going to be stable for only short sleeves. So I think stocking up on your spring long-sleeved shirts (madras, gingham, strips, floral (yea, bold up) ) wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Harvie & Hudson Red Gingham Shirt (Mr. MSR favorite!)

Retail: $99.00

I’m confident these essentials will pleasingly enable your swagger to shine extra-bright this Spring.


Anonymous said...

Where did you buy your trench from?

MS Reviewer said...

Anony. I purchased my trench from a boutique called "label" in NYC (Soho). It's similar in colorway to LeBron's but with a lot more detailing and craftsmanship.

JD said...

I'm diggin the Cavalli shades, and good tip on the shirts for spring. I'm about to start working for Banana Republic if you happen to think of any things i should get let me know

MS Reviewer said...

Thanks on both accounts on jd! Re: Banana. Stock up on their casual( i know you GAP inc. employees receive 50% off!) footwear and undershirts.